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You can download a fully-functional, 30-day trial version by clicking on this link. (45 megabytes) If your 30-day trial expires, just let us know: we’ll be happy to extend it!

This trial version comes with a complete set of tutorial videos that will get you up and running quickly. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ready to buy RSpec?

A single copy of RSpec costs $109. This license allows you to install it on as many machines as you have and use yourself (e.g. laptop in the observatory, desktop in your home, one in your office, etc.) For classroom use, you need a site license. Contact us for details.

The Star Analyser 100 diffraction grating costs $195 plus shipping. (More info on the Star Analyser at this link.)

Click this link to go to our online store.


Get Started today using our practice video!

Want to get started today, but your weather isn’t cooperating or you don’t have all the hardware you need?

Download our trial version above, and then on the same page, watch the YouTube video of the webinar.  There are sample files there so you can follow along.

We love to answer questions! You can contact us using the Contact page: link.

And be sure to also check out our Links page for additional resources: link.

Have questions about what equipment you need? Check out our Getting Started page: link.