Why isn’t my camera listed on the RSpec camera screen?

For a video camera to appear in the RSpec’s list of cameras, the camera’s drivers must be present on your computer.

RSpec can control and read any camera that has DirectShow drivers.  (DirectShow is also sometimes also called “DirectX.” It’s a Microsoft standard.)

If your camera doesn’t appear in RSpec’s list of available cameras, the drivers you need are only available from your camera manufacturer.

You’ll need to go to the camera manufacturer’s site and download and install their DirectShow drivers if they have them.

Some manufacturers may require you to install additional drivers. For example, ZWO requires that you install their “native” drivers too: link.

If your camera manufacturer doesn’t provide DirectShow drivers, RSpec won’t be able to talk directly to the camera. But, you can still do spectroscopy. Use your camera with any camera control software that saves camera frames to image files.

For example, you can use SharpCap to control your camera and capture static images or videos. SharpCap speaks to most astronomical cameras, including ASCOM cameras.  SharpCap can then save the images to your disk, where RSpec picks them up, in real-time. To see how this works, watch videos 48 and 49 here.

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