How to license your RSpec Astronomy Software

Click this link to license RSpec. It will download our special licensing program named PassKey.

Then follow the instructions in the licensing email you received from us.

The PassKey program also puts a copy of the license key on the Windows Desktop. You can move it to another folder for your safekeeping. The filename is RSpecKey.txt.

If you need to install the RSpec software itself, after running Passkey you can download and run the installer for the most recent release from this link.

What if my astronomy computer isn’t connected to the web?

The above software puts a copy of your license on your Windows Desktop in a file named RSpecKey.txt.  You can manually move this file from the Desktop to any computer. Then, you can apply it using the Help, Enter License menu in the RSpec software itself.


If you have questions or encounter any difficulties, please contact us via return email or at this link.