Welcome to the Open-Beta page for RSpec.  The current Open-Beta version is

This version is stable. It has been tested by a small team of users.  (Thank you, beta team! You did a great job.)

An Open-Beta gives the software additional testing before the general release.

What’s in this release?  See the videos and the What’s New (PDF) here.

Open-Beta is for anyone who wants to get an early look at the next release.  There are no obligations for you to do any formal testing.

If you have a current RSpec license, you’re welcome to use this Open-Beta version.

To see if your license is current, go to RSpec’s Help > About screen. The Free Updates field should be 1/1/2024 or more recent to use this update.

If your license is not current, you can purchase an update from here: link.

You can request a download of the open-beta with this link. You do not have to uninstall any previous RSpec version before installing the beta.

If you encounter any problems with the beta and want to revert to the previous version 2.1 of RSpec,  you can get a download link to the previous version 2.1 using this form: link.  You do not have to uninstall the beta version before reverting to version 2.1. All of your files will remain intact.

If you install the Open-Beta version, I suggest you periodically come back to this page to check for updates to the beta.

Please use the RSpec Help > Check for Updates screen to check for the full release of this new version of RSpec, which will also be announced on the RSpec forum.

If you have any problems, feedback, or questions, please email Tom at his usual email address Or, you can use this contact form: link.